Using web templates in Microsoft visual studio

Microsoft visual studio has it own themes and templates, in this article you will learn how can we use other web templates in Microsoft visual studio. There are many good and professional web templates available on internet, select the best one according to your needs, download it and save any where in your laptop. Now open your Microsoft visual studio and open that folder where you want to add new template. here are some demo’s shown below:


 Open your Microsoft visual studio, In this demo we have mentioned that folder named Website 1 (as shown below) here we are going to paste our new template folders


 Now open your new template folder (shown below), copy all these folders and paste them in visual studio folder (Website 1 as shown above demo).


In the last two steps we have copied all the folders and files in visual studio. Now we will copy the source of new template to visual studio folder.  Open the index page form your new template folder and go to the source, copy all the header and body files( as shown below).


We have copied the body and header files in the last step, Now open your visual studio folder where your website data has been stored, open Site.Master page and go to the source of Master page,  paste all these body and header files there(as shown below).

You have successfully completed all steps and add your favorite template to visual studio. Hopefully you will use new and professional web templates in visual studio dot net tool and develop different dynamic websites and databases with no any trouble. Gud luck… 🙂