Real Football 2023

Real Football 2023
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Real Football 2023 apk Review

Gameloft’s Real Football 2023 apk (RF 2023 apk) is now available for Android devices. As we all know, football is the most popular sport in the world, with billions of fans worldwide. Both soccer football games are downloaded millions of times every day as a result of their immense popularity. Also, the Android Market has tens of thousands of soccer games. In addition, the Real Football series has come to an end. The most latest and completely revamped edition of the RF series is now available, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. As a result, because it provides a true football experience, this version is well-known and respected among soccer fans.

So, do you consider yourself a true football fan? Then, to enjoy the most recent, most recent, newer, and faster professional football league game experience on your mobile device, download the free version of this lovely game. Since World Football League 2020 (RF) is the best football exhilarating soccer game, offering you with the finest football game series on smartphone, you will have the best experience ever.

Why Real Football 2023 apk?

Real Football 2023 apk is also the best football soccer simulation game available, with distinct and simple controls. Beautiful HD images, realistic animations, visual effects, magnificent background sound effects, and fierce soccer mayhem are all included. It also provides the best and most realistic football game experiences available on the market. You may now now watch your favorite matches.

Take a free throw, a kick off in the middle, and then kick the ball to score, just as in real life. You must practice against the finest players in the world to become the best player in the world. It also gives all football fans the best free kick and penalty kick gaming experience. You must face and combat other teams while striving to win the tournament. Make your favorite team a global champion.

There are also hundreds of various leagues to choose from, like the World Cup Soccer Championship, which is one of the greatest. Without a doubt, this is the most addictive and popular football game in Brazil. So, put together your fantasy tournament team and lead them to victory by scoring the most goals in each round.


  • You’ll be able to manage your perfect players and squads from the comfort of your own home.
  • Everything, including the animations, sound effects, and crowd, is genuine.
  • It also includes the most powerful and user-friendly commands.
  • To shoot, pass, beat, head, and kick, use the swipe and tab controls.
  • The gameplay mode is simple and quick.
  • There are tournaments available in which you may compete against a diverse selection of opponents.
  • It also provides a full gaming feel, which is just fantastic.
  • Actual athletes and locations, as well as the finest clubs in the globe.
  • Background sounds that are realistic and high-definition photos
  • Additionally, both Android phones are supported.

What’s New in Real Football 2023?

In this game, you may also create your own dream squad and compete against other world champion teams. Compete against the best football teams in the world, including Brazil, Germany, Argentina, France, and any other team you choose. You will enter your team into numerous tournaments/leagues, compete against them, and finally become the global champion as a consequence of playing this stunning football simulation game.

You may also build your own soccer team by selecting your favorite players. So, choose your favorite squad and play in numerous league matches against other teams to assist your team’s rating increase. This would also aid in the accrual of points for World Cup games and other tournaments.


Finally, Real Football 2023 apk is the best football soccer simulation game ever developed, with simple and quick controls that no other game has. It also includes breathtaking HD images, realistic animations, visual effects, breathtaking background sound effects, and intense soccer frenetic action.

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