KenHarvey Injector

By | May 12, 2021
KenHarvey Injector
App InfoKenHarvey Injector
  Current Version  v.1.0
  File Size  7.1 MB
  Updated On  May 12, 2021
  Requires android  5.0 and up
  File Name  KenHarvey-Injector-v1.0.apk

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As you might be aware, there are already over 100 characters in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The real accomplishment, though, is the redesigning of these characters with new colour schemes and skins. However, the disadvantage of these ML skins is that they are costly and entail significant investments. Since it is out of reach for many gamers, they go another route. Obtaining an injector app, such as KenHarvey Injector, is the most commonly used method in this regard.

Finally, you can get some essential costumes for your ML heroes without having to spend any money. Indeed, with this basic mod app, you’ll be able to use those ML skins on roughly 20 avatars. As a result, it currently only has one thing. Having such freebies in a game, on the other hand, is a lot of fun.

In addition, It is a means of bettering one’s self-skills, game interest, and victories. If you like these skins and are looking for a way to make them, then this file is for you. So, aside from that, you can look through the Purple Sky Injector for Mobile Legends-related freebies and It’s a completely free app.


Features of KenHarvey Injector

You’ve already noticed that it just sells things, such as ML skins for our favorite heroes. When the other injectors quit functioning due to MLBB upgrades, it can be a lifesaver. Since you must find an alternative, that will keep you motivated for a while. So, don’t dismiss it because each method has its own significance and function. The below are the features:

  • 14+ skins for Marksman’s three characters.
  • ML skins for various heroes can be unlocked.
  • This tool is free of advertisements.
  • Also, there are 19+ skins for each of the four Mage heroes.
  • 20+ skins for Fighter’s 05 characters.
  • Over everything, it is the most recent product on the market.
  • Additionally, a user-friendly application that does not need a pin.
  • These skins/costumes/outfits can increase the characters’ energy and special abilities.
  • There are 39+ skins for the 08 Assassin characters.
  • There are 92 ML skins available for 20 ML characters.
  • Eventually, you will be able to do well in both matches.
  • The user interface is straightforward and classic.
  • Skins for Tank and Support, however, are not included.
  • It does not necessitate root access.
  • It looks more appealing and sleek in dark mode.
  • Other components will be shown in subsequent updates.
  • Furthermore, Both Android users can use it.

How to use KenHarvey Injector apk?

  1. Of course, you can begin the downloading phase first. On this tab, you’ll find a direct download connection.
  2. Then, to finish the installation process, make installation from unknown sources.
  3. Finally, tap the installed app icon to start the app.
  4. As a result, you’ve reached the main menu. As a result, insert whatever skin you want.
  5. New features have been added to the MLBB game.


Some methods, we believe, are multi-functional since they repair several portions of Mobile Legends at the same time. KenHarvey Injector, on the other hand, is a one-purpose app and only free costumes are available. Nonetheless, it is beneficial because skin customization is a game changer. So, your heroes get more dangerous, and they immediately kill the frontiers. Finally, you emerge victorious. If you agree with what has been said, then press the download button right now.

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