How to increase website traffic

How to increase website traffic, There are many ways to increase web traffic. Many services and tools on the web are premia they are not free and can’t process your website SEO without paying money. In this article we will discuss how can we increase our website traffic without paying any money, it will be totally free. First of all, we will discuss SEO, what is it basically. The abbreviation of SEO . it is a process that increases your website ranking and supports your website to become visible frequently in the search result list and always visible on the top of every search engine. Some basic tips of SEO are

  • Must create accurate, unique page titles
  • Use Meta tag
  • Improve your website structure
  • Use accurate keywords

These are the basic tips you have to focus on it before working on your website. Now we will discuss what are the basic steps and how can we get SEO tools and services for our website.


First of all, open your website C Panel and go to SEO and Marketing Tools. We will use SEO and Marketing tools, this tool helps us to optimize our website to show up in Google search engine and other search engines to get more traffic. All these tools and services are provided by Attracta. Attracta is one of the world’s highest SEO service tools. here is a demo


When you will click on the SEO and Marketing tool option, you will ask to enter your email address for the SEO attracts tool. After entering your email address you will be able to go to the main panel of attracting as shown below demo. Now here are four steps you have to follow each and complete all processes. these steps are:

  1. Get in Google
  2. Google Blacklist Check
  3. Link Building  and
  4. See Your New Listings



In the last step we have successfully created and submitted sitemaps to major search engines and social sitesNow in this step, we will check Google Blacklist. Mostly the sites are blacklisted by Google but they don’t know about it. You must have to check your site each and every time at least on a weakly basis and always try to keep your site off the list. here is a demo regarding this as shown below.


We have successfully completed the last step (check Google Blacklist). Now we will go for the next step and it is Link Building. In this step, we will create keyword content and build keyword backlinks. these are essential for SEO. We have shown in the below demo that how to build links.


Finally, we reached the last step after complete all the steps. In this step we will see our new listing and also verify our submissions in the search engines as we have submitted earlier to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. Once you will click on Verify Your Submission button you will see below the message and map. After complete these steps, you may see your new listing on any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask). You will know about the listing and submission of your website. All completing all these steps must check your Site Score It should be 100. These are the main steps to increase your website traffic. I hope after completing all these steps your traffic will be increased and will get you ranked higher on Google and other search engines.

How to increase website traffic, How to increase website traffic

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