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Config Master apk v.1.1

Without a question, one of the most played battle royale games worldwide is Garena Free Fire. Players are aware that in this action-packed shooter game, accuracy and precision are essential, especially when it comes to shooting targets in the head. So, if you want to take the greatest headshot possible, you must change your sensitivity settings. In this case, Config Master apk v.1.1 can be helpful. The sensitivity settings determine how your in-game character responds to your touches or mouse movements. In fact, these settings are crucial to the gameplay since they control how quickly and precisely you aim. Do you find it challenging to accurately hit opponents in Free Fire battles? If so, obtain this recently created amazing tool.

In fact, by utilising the proper sensitivity settings, your performance & rank in Garena Free Fire may significantly enhance. If the sensitivity adjust properly, you can fire more accurately, react to opponents more rapidly, and get those crucial headshots. For many gamers, though, determining the optimal sensitivity settings may be a challenge.

Config Master is a strong Android utility made only for you, so don’t depress. Its straightforward user interface makes it easy for players to adjust and perfect their sensitivity settings. In fact, it offers you a range of customising choices so you may easily increase the accuracy of your headshots and your aim.

Features of Config Master apk

This utility works with the Max OB40 and Free Fire Normal editions. Also, it is capable of appropriately controlling the games. However, common players are already accustomed to in-game sensitivity settings. Here is the control panel for the app, to wrap things up.

  • General.
  • Blue Dot.
  • 2x Range.
  • 4x Range.
  • Smoothness.
  • FF Standard.
  • FF Max.

Advantages of Config Master apk

The following are some benefits that users of this little weapon could enjoy using Free Fire.

  • Simple Sensitivity Adjustment: By adjusting the sensitivity settings, this function eliminates guessing and saves a tonne of time.
  • Enhanced Precision: Players can also improve their headshot accuracy by taking more precise aim.
  • Competitive Advantage: Thanks to carefully calibrated sensitivity levels, players have an advantage over opponents in intense confrontations.
  • Finally, gamers may change the tool’s sensitivity settings to match their own playstyle and preferences for a more personalised experience.

How do you use Config Master?

Initially, use the link on this page to download and install the free utility. Remember that as it is a third-party product, some permissions are required. Here is a step-by-step instruction manual for using the app.

  • Launch Config Master on your Android smartphone after installation.
  • If it’s required to access game data, allow it.
  • Depending on the game on your phone, select the Normal or Max version of Free Fire.
  • the category of sensitivity settings you want to change, such as general, red dot, or scope sensitivity, then selected.
  • The sliders now allow you to change the settings to a level between 0 and 100.
  • Test additional sensitivity levels in a similar manner, and then adjust them more as necessary.
  • When you are satisfied with the changes, press the Activate button to save them.
  • Finally, start playing the game with more accuracy and improved aim.


With the aid of Config Master APK, Garena Free Fire players may improve headshot accuracy and modify their sensitivity settings. It has demonstrated that one may enhance their shooting abilities and get an advantage in FF combat. As a result, you may test this app to see whether your abilities have changed. Though they are not a fault of the game’s creators, bugs and compatibility problems should not disregard. However, its recent upgrades make it useful.

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