Among Pink

Among Pink
   Games, Puzzle v.2020.9.9142 MB5.0 and up  Free April 13, 2023

Review of Among Pink apk v.2020.9.9

Action games are more difficult than any other genre of smartphone or PC games, so the majority of gamers favour them. In this regard, Among Pink apk v.2020.9.9 is a commendable battle game that stands out for managing a conflict while travelling outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Also, we only have access to a small number of resources and game elements in the early versions of most games and apps. As a result, we crave adjustments to it. Due to the pink colours in it, the Among Pink APK is more exciting and engaging, which is why we are informing you about it.

Further, you should first be familiar with the game’s plot and you and the other players are travelling in a spaceship in this action game. Also, your task is to locate the traitors who are with you and intend to blow up your spaceship. You have access to a number of in-game alternatives, and if you are able to eliminate them while traveling, you will be the crew members’ only hope. That’s it, then. The game’s graphics and plot are captivating and intriguing. You may also check: Tiny Planet Blast.

What’s new in Among Pink apk?

You would have known that this game only allows you to use a certain number of in-game objects if you had ever played it. That is insufficient to end the battle. The Among Pink app now has some required adjustments, but the plot remains the same. You will first notice that pink-colored goods predominate. such artwork, furnishings, clothing, etc. It is the aspect of this rendition that stands out the most. The second bonus is that it gives you a thorough map, making it simple to identify fakes and other game objects. It is also your main goal.

Finding these things not only alters your appearance but also also aids you in fighting effectively. Also, Paid suits, shoes, belts, hats, and pets are among the products. These can only be accessed with actual money in the original game. The game also has a contemporary dashboard that helps you manage the game’s settings and the chatbox is the most significant component. Knowing your fellow travellers’ opinions can help you communicate with them on the voyage and spot the traitors. So let’s create a list that includes all of its unique qualities and characteristics.

Features of Among Pink

  • The plot, laws, and guidelines are the same as in the original version.
  • The most notable addition to this version is the pink theme.
  • Unlock every skin, headgear, belt, pet, and pair of shoes.
  • A complete Map is accessible.
  • You can expose the spaceship’s hidden resources and con artists.
  • Using an advanced tracking system, you can determine your location.
  • Discuss with the entire team.
  • Available is the most recent direct download link. (MOD link).
  • No subscription is required to use it.
  • The game’s customization options are more varied than ever.


Thus, by using the game’s patched version, Among Pink APK, you may magically control all of the game’s features. You can freely access every resource in the game as well as a better-looking pink theme for your appearance. Many of the fans are responding favorably to it and think that this game is superior to the first one. For gamers, it’s a generally positive development. Since it doesn’t cost a single rupee, you can obtain the most recent version by clicking the download link on this page.

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