Zolaxis Patcher apk

By | June 17, 2021
Zolaxis Patcher apk
App InfoZolaxis Patcher apk
  Current Version  v.2.1 Part 31
  File Size  3.1 MB
  Updated On  June 17, 2021
  Requires android  4.0 and up
  File Name  Zolaxis-Patcher-v24.apk

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Zolaxis Patcher Injector apk download latest for android

Zolaxis Patcher apk v.2.1 is an amazing and one of the popular skin injector for smart Mobile Legends. This enables you to use all the premium ML game skins for free. Here, you can browse and pick the favorite one you want in the game. In addition, it helps you to customize different characters by using skins. Apart from this, any skin you like can also be downloaded. And introduce yourself into the game without costing a cent.

There’s no question that Smartphone Legends, Bang Bang is a popular online multiplayer fighting game. 100M+ individuals from the Google Play Store from all around the globe have built it. By playing an easy game and using the same game on a daily basis, you get bored. And checking for a cheat app like Zolaxis Patcher and looking for hacks in the game. Ok, you are using the proper forum in this situation.

What’s New in Zolaxis Patcher?

Any players of Mobile Legend Bang Bang may have found that the physical presentation of a character with premium skin varies at all times. If you are just looking for a app that allows you free access to all the skins, then Zolaxis Patcher is a good option for you. This app is specifically created for the players in the Mobile Legends who can not afford to purchase expansive skins.


In addition, users can browse a limit of 53+ Assasin skins, 53 Mage skins, 63+ Marksman (MM) skins, 31 Tank skins, 17 Support skins and 68+ Warrior skins,. In addition, more cheats are now available for cheat enthusiasts, such as Combat Emotes, Recalls, and Drone View controls. I have seen one of the best aspects of this software, aside from these characteristics. That’s the Fixer for Glitches.

Features of Zolaxis Patcher apk

Right now, Zolaxis Patcher has 199 premium skins that you can use in games according to your position as a gaming hero.

#1. Skins of Tanks:

  •  Johnson: back-up pedals, elite, epic, epic, and hot
  • Khufra: prestigious, Backup, epic, special and luffy 
  • Grock: epic, elite, backup and starlight
  • Uranus: rare, backup, epic, particular, magma
  • Franco: backup, special, special, starlight & epic

#2. Skins of Assasin:

  • Lancelot: Epic, Replacement, Hero, Rare and Zodiac.
  • Gusion: epic, backup, rare, legend, and KOF.
  • Selena: Starlight, Backup, Zodiac, Epic and Epic.
  • Fanny: backup, lightborn, starlight, rare & epic.
  • Ling: Tanjiro, Backup, Sasuke, Epic and Starlight.

#3. Fighter Skins

  • Jawhead: Unique, Backup, Rare, Special and Galaxy.
  • Aldous: starlight, backup, M1, elite, and saitama.
  • Chou: Epic, KOF, elite, and starlight backup.
  • Guinevere: backup, starlight, KOF, rare and epic.
  • Roger: epic, backup, starlight, and venom.

#4. Skins for Support:

  • Angela: Starlight., Backup, epic, special & special.
  • Estes: extraordinary, backup, epic, epic.
  • Nana: four skins.
  • Kaja: backup, starlight, epic and elite
  • Diggie: Four skins.
  • Carmilla:1 skin of Carmilla.

#4. Skins of Mage:

  • Aurora: rare, backup, zodiac, starlight and KOFF backup.
  • Valir: rare, backup, starlight, dabi and epic.
  • Odette: Unique, Epic, Zodiac & Special backup.
  • Lunox: backup, zodiac, elite, epic and starlight.
  • Kagura: remarkable, backup, special, nezuko and epic.
  • Harith: Replacement, Lightborn, Elite, Epic and Boruto.


Finally, from the given link, you can now conveniently download Zolaxis Patcher Injector APK for your Android devices. Also, I’m sure you’ll quickly become a game champion using the new component of this program. So, grab the file right here and continue visiting our site to get the new APK updates.


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