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Here android users can download Yelp Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Yelp Apk for android, the link is provided below. Yelp is a city guide which is available online. It helps in finding the nearby restaurants and other businesses exist in your area. Apart from providing basic information like addresses and phone number, it also offers submission of reviews of users, rating and photos. Yelp uses the technology of GPS of your mobile phone through which the nearest places can be found. You can also change the city from the settings if you want to anywhere else. Browsing and searching can also be based on keyword and category. Further filters can be applied like price and distance. The user interface of Yelp is very simple and easy to use. The dashboard has the search bar on the top and icons for additional functionalities are also displayed like bookmarks, check-ins and deals. The feature of augmented reality is integrated in the application which is known as monocle. By using this feature, you just need to point your camera towards the street. It will show you all the local businesses, rating  and other important information displayed on your screen.


Features of Yelp apk:
  • Local businesses can be discovered.
  • The nearby restaurants, shops and services can be searched.
  • Filter search can be conducted by rating, price, distance and neighborhood.
  • Reviews can be read which are written by the community of local experts.
  • Through the photos, businesses can be known.
  • Great deals cab be found by the local businesses which are your favorite.
  • Addresses and phone numbers or call for reservation can be done from the application.
  • Reviews, check-in, uploading pictures and tips can be written

Requirements fo Yelp app:

  • Updated: Sep 4, 2016
  • Version:  7.10.1
  • Size:  20.68 MB

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