WR3D 2K21

By | May 15, 2021
WR3D 2K21
  Current Version  v.2.0
  File Size 232.54 MB
  Updated On  May 15, 2021
  Requires android  5.0 and up
  File Name  WR3D_2K21-v2.0.apk

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WR3D 2K21 apk v.2.0 download for android

Wrestling is a traditional western action sport. However, it has now expanded around the world, and audiences enjoy its engaging and exciting live shows. So, new technology allows us to create mobile games focused on real-life sports. As a result, several developers have created some stunning mobile wrestling games. In addition, WR3D 2K21 is a one-of-a-kind, high-quality, enjoyable game that meets today’s needs. Wrestling Revolution 3D is the name of the game. As a result, you will practically enjoy this thrilling game with realistic visuals, players, sounds, and features.

Additionally, Wrestling Revolution keeps us entertained with intriguing and beautiful material and there are several different types of tournaments to choose from. Wrestlers and their uniforms are also spectacular. Since it is an upgraded version of WR3D 2K20, it has all of the enhanced features for free. So, If you’re a WWE fan, you can now enjoy it in a new way on your Android device. Indeed, many people have tried it out on their phones and have praised it as a dependable, entertaining, and top-notch gaming creation. As a result, you can confirm it.

Features of WR3D 2K21 apk

So, this Android game has a few cutting-edge features. That is why it is better than other games in this category. When going through various stages, the journey will be enjoyable and suspenseful. In a nutshell, it’s a wrestling-only game.

  • Wrestlers: They’ve brought in a slew of newcomers that resemble the founding WWE champions. Randy, Bobby, Roman Reigns, among others, for example, are all there. Using your experience, you may choose the right one. Then you will undoubtedly dominate the battles.
  • High-resolution textures: 3D graphics and pictures are of the highest quality. Indeed, you will be immersed in a world-class virtual universe as a community.
  • Smackdown: RAW, IMPACT, NXT, Ring of Honor, NJPW, Hall of Fame, Wrestling Revolution, and AEW are some of the rosters available. Both of these are real WWE leagues that you see on TV. As a result, play them one at a time, following their rules.
  • Simple to Customize: This version of WR3D 2K21 Apk allows you to unlock new characters, their battle gear and uniforms, leagues and tournaments, and much more.
  • The characters’, circles’, and surroundings’ movement is at its peak. As a result, take advantage of your free time to do so.
  • Playing Modes: You can gain experience by first practicing in the trial mode. Then check out the GM show and my job options. This variations make it more adaptable and simple.
  • Controls: It moves and operates according to your commands. Rear, flying punches, wrestling, pinning, and arms, for example, are both attentive and respond to your commands. As a result, it is user-friendly and intuitive to all.

What’s New in WR3D 2K21?

  • The game is fully unlocked and simple to enjoy.
  • All of the premium pieces are now available for purchase.
  • Various wrestling styles are available.
  • Accessories such as a battle pit, desks, and tables add to the fun.
  • Wrestlers that are female are also present.
  • With 3D graphics, it’s the best wrestling experience you’ll ever have.
  • Also, the game is completely free to play and has no advertisements.


Finally, you can now download and install it with the most up-to-date functionality. Hence, above everything it isn’t the official edition and it has been altered. As a result, if you want to use it, you’ll need to grant it some permissions. So, if you begin playing Tiger’s WR3D 2K21, you will be able to play for hours without being bored. Now is the time to have it and have endless fun playing it.

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