Taps to Riches apk free download (Latest) for android

By | March 22, 2017
Taps to Riches apk free download for Android


Being an android user, you are here to download Taps to Riches Apk for your android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Taps to Riches Apk for android, the link is given below. Taps to Riches is a game where the player need to tap on the screen as fast as possible to earn more and more money. The more money you earn, the more you can invest in higher levels. The game is very simple and easy like other games. It has no surprises and no challenges as it a straight forward game. To play this game, you need to tap on the screen all the time without any pause all to earn money until a large amount is being earned.  Whether to tap on the screen or not, the main aim of the game is to earn money. The longer you play, you will unlock new helpers. Each and very helper unlocked will help you and provide advantages that will help you for a particular period of time. Actually, Taps to Riches is a game in which the points need to be increase and nothing challenging apart from this. It belongs to the category of simple games. The players are only attracted to this game by its amazing graphics.



Features of Taps to Riches apk :

  • Expansion of your empire into the cities by proceeding through variety of challenges
  • You need to collect the funny advisors to earn the bonuses
  • Allow you to reset the progress and make Biznots beneficial as they are very valuable resource that provides you more money and bonus on each tap
  • Number of bonuses can be earned through tapping the frenzy
  • Buy and upgrade your business to see the progress in architectural values

Requirements for Taps to Riches app:

  • Updated: 1.3
  •  Version:  Nov 28, 2016
  • Size:  37.95 MB

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