Perchang Apk free download latest version for android

Perchang Apk free download for android


Perchang Apk is one of the best android game designed for smart android mobile phones and tablets. Perchang Apk is totally free available to download. You can download the amazing apk file of this game from the links provided at the bottom of this post. Perchang is now freely available for game lovers. This game is very unique and easy to play. The player can the whole game by simple mechanical movements of the finger. He need to take the ball towards the destination without touching the ground. The game is not so simple as it sounds to be. You need to complete the game in the given time span. You can lose your points if the ball is touched to the ground. The more you proceed, the more prizes you will win in the form of medals (gold, silver and bronze). The combination of grey and white colors makes the game more attractive and interesting along with the Unity 3D graphics. To play this game, you need to be creative to think and logical. All you need to tab the buttons on the correct moment so that the movement can be applied on the ball going through the levels.

Perchang -Apk-free-download-for-android

Features of Perchang Apk:
  • This game is fully logical and helps in training your brain
  • Player needs to push the ball towards exit and activate various mechanisms
  • There are total 60 levels in which you are tested by 3D circuits
  • Fight against the time as you have to complete every level as soon as possible
  • All the controls are very simple and easy. Total there are 2 basic buttons
  • You can earn gold, bronze and silver medals after clearing each level
  • All the physics present in the game are real
  • The graphics present in the game are very amazing and stylish

Requirements for Perchang game:

  • Updated: Oct 31, 2016
  • Version: 2
  • Size: 119 MB

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