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As a citizen of the 21st century It is a desire of everyone to earn money online just by giving few hours on the internet. Its not bad to think about making money online but many of us don’t know how to earn money online and whats the basic procedure this. It is not difficult as we all think about it. There are many different methods to earn money online we will discuss all these methods in this article in detail. Nowadays mostly the students and professionals in Pakistan use these methods and earn money more than 25000$ per month. Either you are male or female you can make money just giving few time on the internet along with your studies and professional work. Mostly people think that it can only do IT professionals, according to me its not matter either you are IT professional or not. I have seen many people earn money online  they are not IT professionals even though some young guys less than 18 years of age make good money online through blogging and freelancing. So don’t think that you are not IT specialist, to earn online you should have good English writing and understanding skills, should have knowledge about computer operate and internet browsing.  There are some basic methods of making money online. Lets discuss these methods.

Earning money from blogs or websites

One of the best way to earn money online is blogging or develop a good informative website. Mostly the people in Pakistan choose this way to earn money, it is very easy but you have to give more time, do handwork and be consistent. Before creating a blog or website it is very important to select an idea for your new coming website that what it should be. Always try to choose a special and good topic, it could be a news blog, celebrity blog, Galley video audio blog, IT technology blog etc. One thing remember that you are developing any website either it is news blog or celebrity, its very important to give more time and update it regularly. Your website or blog should be simple, good designing interface, easy to get information.  Make sure all the contents and information in blog or website should be unique, don’t copy from other websites. Now the question is how can we earn from website of blog and what are the resources from which we can earn money?  There are many companies and sites pay money by placing their ads on your blog or website. Some of them are:

·         Google Ad sense

Google Ad sense is one of the best and leading company in the world.  Approximately 90 % of bloggers use Google Ad sense ads on their websites or blogs and earn money. One thing remember before applying  to Google Adsene your domain should be at least three to six months old and try to get 1000 visitors per day. Your earning depends on your website visitors so try to increase your website visitors at least 1000 per day you will make good money.

  • Yahoo & Bing Ads

This is the another ads provider company you can also earn money by placing their on ads on your website or blog. Some people also use yahoo and bing ads on their websites or blogs and make good money. You may apply for these ads also.

Earning from Freelancing

Freelancing is another a very good method to earn money online. There are two big leading freelaning websites and these are Freelance and Odesk.  To earn money form Odesk and freelance you should create your account first and you must be expert in your field before applying for a job in Odesk or Freelance. There are over more than 10000 jobs available regarding different fields. Getting first job is very difficult in Odesk and Freelance so try to get your first job, once you will get your first job you will earn good money. Initially don’t focus on money try to get job and deliver it to client in time. Your cover letter is very important to get a new job, so always try to write productive sentences  in short and share all your experiences regarding that job. Hopefully you will get your first job with no any trouble.   here are links of odesk and freelance just visit and create your account now.

This is not a full and complete article there are many other methods also to make money online,  we have discussed some of them here. We are hoping this will help you to make money online. Your comments are appreciated so share your ideas regarding online earning.

Make money online , Make money online

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