LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6 for Android Free Download

LED Flashlight APK
Free download LED Flashlight APK latest for android


LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6 is a free application for android mobile phones. Mostly the Android phones have their own flashlight but you might be looking for something a little more powerful flash light for your mobile phone. This application will use your cell phone’s camera flash to illuminate the way. LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6 is very simple and easy to use and install. LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6 is available on our website server and Google play, you can easily download this application from our website server and Google Play Server too. LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6 is a best application for mobile phones having with cool and latest features. Use widget and set this up on your home screen for quick access to your LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6 and enjoy this free version. The download links for LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6 is provided below at the bottom of this page for free. You can download directly the full apk version from our website server for free.

Flashlight for android

Main Features of LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6:

LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6 makes it easy to use your Phone camera flash as a very bright flash light. Some of the main features of LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6 are as follows:

  • Maximize screen brightness
  • Super Bright Flashlight
  • Change color of flashlight
  • Does not interrupt music while in use.
  • Normal Flash: screen flashlight, camera LED flashlight
  • Useful light effects: text, scroll, slide.
  • Fun flashlight effects: candle, disco, rainbow, blink, spiral.
  • Built in compass for navigating in the dark.
  • Simple and Beautiful design
  • Easy to use and operate.

System Requirements :

  • Version: 1.0.6
  • File size: 4.96 MB
  • Requires Android : 1.6 and up

How to download LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6

LED Flashlight APK 1.0.6  is available on Google play you can download it easily from Google play with out signing in, just follow below link. You can also get the full APK file and can download directly by just clicking on the link below with out paying any money, its totally free.

Download links:

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