Kawaii Injector

Kawaii Injector
App InfoKawaii Injector
  Current Version  v.10.0
  File Size  16.4 MB
  Updated On  April 6, 2021
  Requires android  5.0 and up
  File Name  Kawaii-Injector-v10.0.apk

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Kawaii Injector apk v.10.0 download for android

Kawaii Injector apk v.10.0 has been on the market for a long time. As a result, it is in the best condition it has ever been, owing to the many iterations that have already been published. In addition, With its updated user interface, the current version is slightly better. So, If you like this tool, you can get its modified features from now on. Furthermore, It does have several ML heroes and their skins, a bug fixer, a drone view, combat effects, and several other features. As a result, download it and change Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

So, do you know what the secret to the popularity of mod app users is? There is still the risk of your account being blocked due to suspicious activity, however you should prevent it. The basic rule is to get an up-to-date method from a reliable source, such as our website. Hence, in response to MLBB updates, the developers of the Kawaii Injector app have launched multiple versions. That is why it is still alive today. Otherwise, updating tools become obsolete if their authors do not keep them up to date.

In addition, this tool has hundreds of features and improvements. As a result, now is the time to use it, as the MLBB has obtained some upgrades from the Moonton. Aside from that, Mykkie Injector is another freebie for MLBB fans. Further, It has hacks related to this lovely version of Kawaii Injector v10.

Kawaii Injector

Hacks & Features of Kawaii Injector

1. All Skins

Simply choose a function from one of the six main classes, and then choose a hero of interest. The reason for this is as follows.

  • Tank; 15 Assassins; 15 Fighters; 20 Mages; 23 Marksmen; 16 Supports; 06 Heroes.

2. Injector of Custom Scripts

  • Similarly, you can conveniently add Custom Scripts.
  • This function, however, is still in the Beta stage.

3. Drone View

  • Five various types of drones are easily accessible.
  • You may also undo the modifications made in this line.

4. Kawaii Fixer

  • This tool will patch the Pink Hero, Tower, Health Bar, and a number of other bugs in MLBB.
  • So, if you experience a lag in your game, use this fixer to address all concerns.

5. Effects of Recall

Additionally, there are 16 ready-to-use recall effects. It costs a lot of money to summon your avatar during a battle. So, If you don’t have enough diamonds for this quality, you can use the free Kawaii Injector.

6. Battle Emoticons

According to the case, 27 emoticons will relay your emotions to your fellows.

7. Effects of Elimination

  • On the go, the better reduction effects are almost a half-dozen.
  • You will quickly add and delete them.

What’s New in Kawaii Injector app?

  • Firstly, Cache Cleaner, Resource Checker, and Live Loading Screens
  • Secondly, 12 New Anime Customisation
  • Further, Drone view detected and fixed
  • Beatrix Patch Drone View Change
  • Codes that have been reduced and optimised
  • Lastly, APK size has been reduced.

What is password of Kawaii Injector?

Make sure that you have a password before you can access the skins and other cheats in this game. So, the password is as follows:

Password: 11ksubspecial


In conclusion, custom Maps and Themes are making their way to Kawaii Injector. Overall, it’s a nice mix of strong cheats that perfectly modifies the MLBB. so, If you already have this tool, please substitute it with the version we provide. Because older editions do not function properly, upgrade gradually. So, for more updates about this app, visit our site.

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