Important key points for developing a software

Before developing a project it is very important to understand the project and get the whole information about the project. You must do feasibility study, initial assessment and to analyze data because the analysis phase is very important through which you  would understand the project clearly and will know about the user requirements and demands. Not only in development side it is very important in any side that before starting work in any field you must have a complete information and details about the project.

We will discuss in this article that how can you develop an efficient and good project. To develop a good project you must follow some phases that will help you to develop your project much proficient and client satisfactory. The important phases are as follows:

  • Analysis Phase
  • Designing Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Testing Phase
  • Implementation Phase





This phase is very important, before start working in any project it is very important that you must understand the project and its requirements. One of the most important purposes of this phase is to analyze data, collect information and get the customer needs and demands in detail. The developer must have all the information and understand the problem. It is much better you do paper work first before start to work on it.


Another very important phase is designing, this phase is very important because it is the main user interface and interaction part. Although it is so much time consuming but it’s very important part. The designing phase produces the user interaction between the project and users. The designing should be very simple and easy to accessible to users. It also represents how the output of the data is to be produced. So this part of the project should be simple and easy to understand.


Development is the phase which focuses the testing of computer program with real data and dummy data. It also focuses how the define data is structured and represented in the system.

It also shows the development of computer programs and also show how the design is translated is into programming and system languages. Basically the development phase related to both the designing part and coding part and this is combination of these two main parts.


When your will complete your project must test it, there may be many errors and issues you must find it and resolve them if there will be any error or issue. Make sure you project is working properly and functionally before delivering it to client.


This is the last phase of proposed system. All the functions and actions has been implemented in this phase, the proposed system has been delivered to the organization and learn them how it works and how users can use it frequently. Always try to satisfy your client because client’s satisfactory is very important when you are developing any project either it is software or web based.

These are the important phases of a project, to develop a good and effective project I will recommend you to follow these phases. Now we will discuss about the features of project, these features are also important you will have to focus on it during your development process. Some features are:

  • User Friendly
  • Completeness
  • Maintainability
  • Cost Effective
  • Efficient



It is very important that the designing and development of the system should be simple, efficient, easy to use and user accessible. The system will be more effectiveness and more efficient if it fulfill all the requirements and needs of user. During developing any project always keep in mind some points that the project you are developing should be very simple, easy to understand and easily access by any user.


Completeness is another very important factor. All the information and components in the system should be specified and fulfill user requirements. There should be no any consistencies in the designing of system.


The system or software should be maintainability, Maintainability specifies the changes which will make to remove errors and problems occur in the system. The phase also performs to fulfill user requirements according to the passage of time that the users want to make changes in their system. The developer should focus during working that the current software or system should be maintainability and could maintain easily in future.


The software should be most reliable and according to the range of a customer. The developer should focus and mention this main point during developing software. That should not be more costly that the customer could not effort. So the developer should notice all the things and develop according to the customer’s range.


Efficient is another most important quality of good and effective software. The resource value and program structure features are the elements that make sure successful once the program is in run-time operate.

This is not enough for developing a good software please don’t depend fully on it, your efforts and hard work is very important, these are some key points that will help you  in developing software or projects. Hopefully these steps  will help you in developing  proficient, good and client satisfactory software.

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