How to get a job on odesk

Are you struggling to get a job on odesk, elance and freelance?

Doesn’t matter don’t lose hope you will get your first job soon, just continue your struggle and follow the below tips. Here we will discuss some important tips which we might not do correctly during applying for a job. By honestly i am not a big freelancer but I have quite experience in freelancing which i will share with you.

To get a job on Odesk or Freelance is not easy, there are more than thousands of talented people trying to get jobs on desk and freelance.  Many of us have too much experience in their related fields but they are lacking to get a job in desk or freelance, the reason behind this there are many things we might not doing correctly that’s why we are not getting hired even with having all the experiences and talent.

And another reason would be, although we have too much experience and skills in our related field but the fact is , we are new in Odesk and Freelance, therefore, we face many difficulties in getting jobs. Hopefully, this article will help you to get your first job easily.

We have summarized and focus on some main tips which will help you to get a job easily on Odesk, Elance, and Freelance. These are as follows:

  •  After creating your account the first most important step is completing your profile, make a comprehensive profile and complete it 100% . Make sure all the information regarding your qualification, professional skills, and all your experiences should be true and valid. Don’t share fake information.
  •  Write a clear description. When you will write your description, try to present arguments and provide all the details for why someone should hire you and what’s the talent within you that inspire your client??. So always try to present arguments clearly through which the clients are interested and hire you for their job.
  • Take tests that are related to your field to prove your skills. This is also very important step because when you get good scores in your related field  tests you have more chances to get jobs. So try to complete all the tests and make your profile strong.
  •  Cover Letter is another extreme important step we can say this is the heart of hiring process, which will interact the client to contact with you. So describe your skills according to the related job that you will try your best to satisfy all his needs and demands. One thing is very important,  never use same cover letter for all jobs, when i was new on odesk I was also doing same procedure and applied for many jobs with same cover letter but the result was, I completely failed to get any job and all the time i didn’t hire , declined all applications by the client and could not get any job. So keep in mind your cover letter should be different for every new job.
  • In the cover letter write all your professional skills, field experiences and try to explain your information in short, don’t write long paragraphs and passages.
  • Also discuss price and budget with the client in details, many freelancers will not agree with me according to me, a new job seeker should apply with low rates.
  • One thing keep in mind very lowest rates also create problems to get a job, Mostly the job seeker think that if they will apply for a job with lowest rates and they would be hired for that job, actually very low rates are also not good. Just apply with suitable low rates for example:  a client offers a job with 10$ per hour, you should apply for that job with at least 5$ or 6$.
  • When you will get a job, try to complete that project according to the needs of client and deliver it on time. Always be patient, sincere and honest, because client satisfactory is very important. This will help you to get more jobs in future.
  • Don’t lose hope if you are rejected from any job, keep trying and hopefully, you will successfully get a job.


When you are applying for a job, read the job description first and try to get all the needs and requirements of the client. Sometimes a client receives more than 40 applications but the client is still searching for a good and talented freelancer so don’t focus on submitted applications just go and apply for that job, you might have a much higher chance of being interviewed.

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