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Download Google Drive APK for Android


Hello android users, you are here to download Google Drive APK for your android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Google Drive APK for android, the link is mentioned below. It is an application provided by Google. It provides accessibility to the virtual hard drive through an android device along the stable connection of internet. The interface of the application is being made for touch screens, provide accessibility to the virtual drive and other files available for you. You can easily download the files and view them later even offline. Basic storage capacity of 5GB is provided by Google drive to store your documents, images and videos. If you need more space, you need to pay for that. Definitely, it is a huge cloud storage which is specially made beneficial and integrated with other services of Google. Google Drive APK works best with all operating systems specially for android where all the features work very well. You can easily send documents, photos or videos in few seconds anytime and anywhere across the world. It is a safe and secure platform for the storage of your important files and documents.


Features of Google Drive APK:
  • The size of the application is small.
  • 5GB of space is freely provided.
  • A free platform which allows you to store important documents.
  • Allow to view PDFs, documents, photos, videos and much more.
  • Files can be searched by name and content.
  • Files can be shared among friends and colleagues.
  • Sharing permissions can be set view, comment or edit the document.
  • Access to the important documents and files in a quicker way.
  • The details of the file and recent activity can be seen easily.
  • The files can be viewed online.


  • Updated: Oct 27, 2016
  • Version:  2.4.382.19.34
  • Size:  11.46 MB

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