Friday Night Funkin apk

By | May 25, 2021
Friday Night Funkin apk
APP INFOFriday Night Funkin apk
  Current Version  v. build 6
  File Size  157 MB
  Updated On  May 25, 2021
  Requires android  5.0 and up
  File NameFunkin-release0_2_7_1b6.apk

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Friday Night Funkin apk v. download for android

Can you have a fine musical ear? If so, Friday Night Funkin APK is a good musical game with a few romantic missions. It not only puts your musical skills to the test, but it also rewards you with love scenes with your girlfriend in the game. If you are tired of playing for sporting games, this is the best choice for you. In your spare time, amuse yourself by testing your skills.So, Friday Night Funkin is a mash-up of romance and pop. Let’s take a look at the main characters and features of this video.

The main characters of the game are, indeed, a boy and a child. So, the boy has a distinct look, indicating that he is a rapper. He tries to kiss his lover, but the girl’s father prevents him from doing so. Instead, he asks the boy to identify particular themes or rhythms. You will beat music by following the on-screen directions. Also, It instructs you on how to perform correctly and the performance will be shown at the bottom through a metre. As a result, the boy will kiss his girlfriend.

Features of Friday Night Funkin apk

  • The graphics and gameplay are also excellent.
  • Further, there are two modes of play available.
  • It’s a story-driven game.
  • Following the instructions would allow you to quickly complete all of the tasks.
  • All will enjoy this user-friendly and distinct Android game.
  • So, For music fans, this game is simple to play and addictive.
  • The tutorial contains all of the required instructions.
  • Also, It does not need a membership or a data link.
  • Since the rules and laws are stringent, there is no room for cheating.

Modes of the game

The former is just what I said in the second paragraph. A strong plot runs in this mode based on the players’ success. Not only does the girl’s father stand in the path, but so do several other obstacles or threats. You must move both of them, and so the storey of Friday Night Funkin comes to an end. The latter is also known as a rehearsal mode. It provides you with an infinite number of rhymes. If your judgement is right, you will continue to play. In this mode, you can gain musical mastery.


It has two playing modes:

  • Free Play
  • Story Mode

How to Play Friday Night Funkin?

The game, on the other hand, is free to download and play on this website. Furthermore, it is simple to play since all of the moves are clearly shown on the board. Additionally, you will never fail if you obey these signs and the screen will guide you to the right button to press. So, simply play the music optimally to see how efficient you are and friday Night Funkin Mobile’s mechanics are similar to DDR. But have one thing in mind and the laws and legislation must be followed. Do not attempt to exploit the game in any way. Furthermore, it is not a lewd or bullying game that involves any unethical acts.


Without a question, thousands of games are available in both online and offline modes. Further, Sports, action, puzzles, education, and a variety of other activities captivate everybody. Also, Friday Night Funkin apk is a stylish game with a unique plot and If you think it’s important to your tastes, we’ll send it to you for free.


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