Free download Solar charger APK

Free download Solar charger APK

Solar charger APK is one of the most amazing and wondering application made by the developers for android smart phones. This is the most popular application for Android phones by using this app you can charge your mobile phone without connecting an external charger, only just take your smart phone and put it in the sunlight, your mobile battery will be recharged using the solar panel. Just start the Solar Battery Charger app and keep your Android device in the sun or other bright light source. It starts generating electricity .Solar Panel absorb the solar energy and convert it to DC volt required for cell phone battery charging. This application is no also available on google play and you can download its apk file directly from the below given link.

Free download Solar charger APK

Download Solar charger APK on your android phone now and make fun of your friends. Your handset needs a light sensor though. This app won’t work properly without this sensor.
To protect your phone, never put it for a long time to the direct sunlight, because the high temperatures can damage it.

Features of Solar charger APK:

  • By using this ap, your cell phone battery will be fully charged very quickly.
  • Virtual Solar power panel
  • Charging Point.
  • Attractive and Best UI
  • Show the percentage of your battery
  • The Solar Charger app behaves like a real solar battery charger
  • Cool charging animation

* It is just a fun application to prank your friends but you will surely love this app.


Current Version: 1.0.4

Requires Android: 1.6 and up

How to download Solar Charger APK

Solar charger APK  is now available on Google play store you can download it easily from there with out signing in, just follow below link. You can also get the full APK file of Solar charger and can download directly by just clicking the link below with out paying any money, its totally free.

Here are the links below just download it and install the latest version of Solar charger application on your android smart phone and enjoy with cool and friendly features and just fun with your friends.

Free download Solar charger APK , Free download Solar charger APK

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