FFH4X Mod Menu

FFH4X Mod Menu
   App, Tools v.445.7 MB5.0 and up  FreeMay 26 , 2024

FFH4X Mod Menu apk v.44 Review

Another Garena Free Fire mod version is gaining popularity and It is commonly referred to as the FFH4X Mod Menu by users, It injects a slew of cheats into the FF gameplay and easily manipulates it. Aside from the aim and esp hacks, you can also take advantage of a few other premium features and you know, it takes a lot of energy to play this game all the time. In-game pro elements must also be considered.

As a result, inexperienced and poor fellows require some outside assistance to stay firmly in place and this mod edition compensates for all of your shortcomings by providing basic items. You will undoubtedly benefit from its benefits. Also, aside from that, this hacked game is very similar to the FFH4X Injector, after inspecting the tools, users will notice a variety of common characteristics. As a result, you can use both of these mods concurrently and Garena Free Fire is adored by millions of gamers. Whether you prefer FF Normal or FF Max, the FFH4X Mod Menu is a good compromise. So, this one, like all other cracked or modified games, unlocks all of the FF game’s premium features.

Why FFH4X Mod Menu?

Furthermore, there are three options for injecting cheats in this mod menu and FFH4X, PMM Team, and PS Team are mod menus that contain all of the hacks. Despite being a small APK file, it includes an FF game in addition to the mod menus and It indicates that you do not need to install the game on your phone separately, only one file ensures the presence of all supporting elements.

Above all, you will not be charged for it. It is, in fact, a free service provided by a third party that is only available to Android device users. As a result, I will never force you to do something against your will. So, download them if you are comfortable with unofficial or unfair sources and in other cases, follow the advice of Free Fire officials and take a better route. You may also check: FFH4X Injector 1.62.


  • VIP Aimbot V2.
  • Aim with Spot.
  • FOV (Field of View).
  • Resolve all Aim bugs.
  • Aim for smoothness.
  • Attempt to hit Tiro/Mira.
  • Name of the ESP
  • Anti-Blacklist.
  • Wukong the Invisible
  • Hack the wall.
  • Invisible AirDrop.
  • Hide from the game.
  • Also, Speed Hack is 100 percent effective.
  • Anti-Kick.
  • Anti-Ban.
  • Transparent Icon
  • Localizer Gelo.
  • Moedas is a localizer.
  • Bypass.
  • Car/Vehicle Modifications.
  • Night Mode is available.
  • Running with the Medkit
  • The body is white.
  • Views from the camera.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Change your weapons.
  • No Root/Root
  • Android versions 5 to 11
  • There is no Password/Login.
  • It is completely free.
  • Downloading is simple.
  • APK file that is small.
  • Also, Mod Menus Included in the Unofficial Version.

How to use FFH4X Mod Menu?

Additionally, Apkgameoffline makes it simple to download all of the apps, games, mods, and tools and we always provide our readers with direct download links and the entire procedure is free, quick, and simple. So, simply click the link to access the FFH4X Mod Menu, locate the file in your Downloads folder and install it. Finally, the app will appear on your phone’s home screen and open it and look for the mod menus to apply some useful cheats. Also, that is the step-by-step procedure for using the FFH4X Mod Menu and prepare yourself for a new experience.

So, what is user name and password of FFH4X Mod Menu?

  • Username:  Jato60k
  • Password: 38817419


Lastly, Your gaming experience can be improved by using the FFH4X Mod Menu and Its incredible tricks will astound you, as it is a completely updated and revised game. Without a doubt, making steady progress in Free Fire is not easy. If you find yourself helpless at any point during the game, take action and in this article, I mentioned one trick. As a result, gather all of your expectations in one place.

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