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Download Color Switch apk for Android


Here android users can download Color Switch apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Color Switch apk , the link is provided below. Color Switch apk is a game whose approach is simple but its higher levels are complex. Your main aim in the game is to cross the ball through variety of hurdles. Every time need to pass number of hurdles, the color of the ball is changed and you are in contact with the color which is present. When you tap on the screen, it starts giving the movement. The ball will fall if the you are moving very slowly. If the tapping is done fast, then you can trash into one of the obstacles. Each and very hurdle is designed in a very different manner. It includes spinning of triangles with various colors on each side, colorful cubes which are small in size that expand and relax, colorful bands are moving left to right and many more. There are dozens of obstacles and all you need to move your fingers to hit them all. The player needs to instruct the small ball of different geometric shapes. Look carefully in the field where you are playing. Use all the special bonuses until and unless the color of the ball is changed. Go as far as possible for this you need to clear all the hurdles as much as possible.


Features of Color Switch apk:

  • The game is simple and straight forward but tricky
  • It helps in sharping your mind
  • Also, helps in boosting the skills
  • More and more quantity of levels
  • Based on the scores, the difficulty of the game increases
  • Ranked one of the best game on the Google play store

Requirements for Color Switch app:

  • Updated: Dec 11, 2016
  • Version:  5.7.5
  • Size:  36.12 MB

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