CNUS Tech Mod Free Fire

CNUS Tech Mod Free Fire
App InfoCNUS Tech Mod Free Fire
  Current Version  v. 31
  File Size  90.0 MB
  Updated On  March 31, 2021
  Requires android  5.0 and up
  File Name  CTM_V31.apk

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CNUS Tech Mod Free Fire apk v.31 download for android

We’re all aware that mobile games, whether online or offline, offer a limited number of in-game products. So, after consistently winning a game, the remaining features can be unlocked. Additionally, they can be obtained from authorities by cash payments. Furthermore, certain games need you to wait a certain amount of time before proceeding to the next level. As a result, it becomes tedious and time-consuming. Android developers, on the other hand, have built MODs, patched or hacked versions of various titles, such as the Free Fire. Additionally, you can hear about the CNUS Tech Mod Free Fire, an updated version of the FF, in this section.

Before this Mod version, there were others on the market, such as Hacker Baba Mod Free Fire. Since it successfully drew the interest of FF fans, another Mod is now available for download. So, if you want to feel like a star, you can get both from us. Furthermore, they are safe and healthy.

Why CNUS Tech Mod Free Fire app?

But we’re here to learn about the functionality and advantages of the CNUS Tech Mod Free Fire. So, this cracked version is a treat for beginner or new players. Indeed, it has unlocked required game pieces, allowing players to battle more effectively by using them. So, what if you could play any match in Garena Free Fire without spending money on expensive items? It is, in reality, doable if you use this mod version. It also reduces the need for Mod tools when hacking games. As a result, it is both convenient and energy efficient.

CNUS Tech Mod Free Fire

Features of CNUS Tech Mod Free Fire

1. FF Currency for Free

Additionally, The in-game currency is required to unlock all of the game’s items. You will do this by automatically adding diamonds and coins to your pocket.

2. Skins & Characters

Similarly, the CNUS Tech Mod Apk will contain your favourite heroes and skins. As a result, you will be able to play like a pro. As a result, it gives you an advantage.

3. Heroes’ Skills

Further, No one will deter you from completing the Booyah, the endpoint, if your avatar is powerful enough to defeat others. Thus, the CNUS Tech FF grants you some free skills that make your hero more lethal.

  • Mode of Invisibility.
  • Infinite Health.
  • Hacking a Wall or Stone.
  • Find The Rivals.
  • Auto-aiming.
  • Speed Boosters
  • Remove any fog, grass, or other obstructions.

4. Hacking Guns

In addition, to face enemies, powerful weapons are needed and It is difficult to win the game if you do not have them. As a result, this mod has a plethora of weapon-related features.

  • Aiming lock.
  • There is no recoil.
  • Aimbot.
  • There is no movement.
  • Vehicles are available.
  • The climate and atmosphere can also be modified.
  • Arms and other deadly weapons


Some of you get annoyed with the games when there aren’t enough combat objects and abilities, and same thing happened with the Free Flames. The beginners, in particular, want to play it, but they lack the necessary skills. As a result, they will amuse themselves with the CNUS Tech Mod FF. CNUS Tech Mod Free Fire apk will provide you with genuine happiness because it contains all of the components needed for survival. As a result, you can download this MOD by clicking the download button on this tab.

Download link of Garena Free Fire

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