CharTzy Mod apk

CharTzy Mod apk
App InfoCharTzy Mod apk
  Current Version  v.4
  File Size  5.7 MB
  Updated On  April 10, 2021
  Requires android  5.0 and up
  File Name Chartzy-Mod-MLBB-ᴠ4.apk

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CharTzy Mod apk v.4 download for android

Mobile gaming is a fun way to pass the time, particularly when you have a large selection of high-quality games to choose from. Most gamers like to play simulation, arcade, fight, sports, and other games on their smartphones. Similarly, Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a prestigious MOBA. It’s not yet another action game; it also puts players’ skills to the test. The aim of this review article is to inspire fans by introducing them to the CharTzy Mod apk MLBB injector app. It does, in fact, exert a strong influence on the game.

The majority of the hacks fall under the category of rank-boosting. In addition, CharTzy Mod’s main goals are ML skins, view hacks, and account protection. So, If you are not doing well in your favourite game, download the app and start using it right away. First and foremost, use the enemy lag function to put obstacles in the way of your opponents.

Since each tool has a different capability in this region, CharTzy Mod MLBB only has a quarter of it. In addition, Map hacking, extrasensory vision, spam chat, and other combat hacks are examples of battle hacks. Without a doubt, it is extremely beneficial to the player. Then there are skins for certain heroes that are available for free. It’s not only about changing their appearance; it’s also about changing their abilities. In the ML combat, the stronger skins you have, the more risky you are.

So, you can effectively use drone & 3D view cheats to gain effective control of the surroundings. To be honest, both features are essential for identifying game items, the world, and survivors. So, be conscious of your surroundings and plan your actions carefully.

CharTzy Mod apk

Features of CharTzy Mod apk

Let’s take a look at some of the app’s advantages. Remember that you will not be charged anything with any of the facilities.

  • To begin, Enemy Lag is useful for lagging behind the enemies by 25%.
  • It’s very user-friendly and sensitive.
  • The Battle Hack includes features such as Maphack, ESP Line, Health, Spam Chat, and Auto Disconnect.
  • Colored Hacks linked to Black, White, and Bright are particularly fun.
  • More specifically, a small number of ML Skins are soundly available.
  • There are no lags, commercials, or interruptions.
  • In addition, free Horizontal and Vertical Drones in Low, Medium, and High Positions are available.
  • Apart from that, the 3D vision, as well as the No-CD hack, are fantastic.
  • Both users can find it easy to use.
  • MLBB edition is compatible with the most recent Androids.
  • Finally, Account Safety is provided by CharTzy Mod MLBB, which includes the Bypass Memory, Clear Cache & Logs, Fix Drone View Bugs, and Delete options.

Passsword/key of CharTzy Mod MLBB

When you want to open the programme, it will prompt you for a valid key. As a result, we’ve also provided you with a valid key that will allow you to access the application.

Password: THANKYOU


In addition to the mission-based stages, Mobile Legends is a lot of fun. Curiosity never fades, but as the game progresses, more and more stages of increasing complexity push fans to complete each mission. That is why any ML fan is addicted to this fight game. So, our goal is to make amateur players as good as professional players without having to spend any money. As a result, CharTzy Mod MLBB apk is here to help.

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