The Trail apk – A Frontier Journey free download for android

Download The Trail apk – A Frontier Journey Apk for Android


Here android users can download The Trail apk – A Frontier Journey for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download The Trail apk – A Frontier Journey for android, the link is provided below. Trail – A Frontier Journey is a new game which being added in the list of android games. The experience regarding this game is very different from other games and you will be keep playing it for hours. The player need to follow the trail, collect the items of trading and have to enter in the city before the competitors. Whenever you are in the camp for trading and you are alone so trade as soon as possible. Using this trick, you will always win and earn a free item. You need to swipe your character and move it towards the trail. Using the Campsite button, you can move at the left corner. Keep watching your clothes. As you need the good products for trading and proceed to the higher levels. Raccoons can steal your very important items so keep an eye on them and you can also spot them all.


Features of The Trail apk – A Frontier Journey:
  • The whole view of the game is beautiful
  • As you walk in the Trail, you will find variety of landscapes and amazing places
  • The game is very relaxing. All you need is your thumb through which you can drag and move
  • The designing of the game is done for everyone
  • Learn crafting and trading through this game
  • Travel around world and feel yourself lucky
  • Join the community and unlock more levels to avail new features
  • Work together to build your own town and make it the best
  • It is the most different game you have ever see

Requirements The Trail apk:

  • Updated: Dec 8, 2016
  •  Version:  6834
  • Size:  489 MB

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